Nexus GB

Industrial Memory Specialists

Rugged industrial memory solutions for the forward thinking engineer

Do you design systems containing embedded electronics, industrial PCs or micro-controllers that would benefit from rugged USB, SD or serial memory due to the environment in which the device operates?

Our rugged, reliable and secure industrial memory products are the toughest on the market and can help you solve your design headaches so you can add functionality such as:-

  • Data logging
  • Updating firmware
  • User identification
  • Parameter or calibration uploads
  • Securing communications
  • Restrict use - time or number of uses
  • Feature enable
  • And many others...

If you need a rugged, secure industrial memory system from 1Kbit to 32 GByte then contact us.
We guarantee we have an affordable rugged memory solution to solve your embedded system design needs and the great news is our products are easy to embed into your system and much more secure and fit for purpose than any industrial USB or rugged SD on the market. Call us on +44 (1)794 379154.

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Selecting our rugged memory for embedded design results in faster time to market and lower sustaining costs over the life of your product.  Other benefits include:-
  • Your risk of re-design due to obsolescence is removed as our core range will remain available, unchanged and supported for many years
  • Your R&D costs will reduce and your time to market will be shortened by using our development tools
  • Your customer support costs will drop as it will no longer be possible to use unqualified memory devices in your products
  • Your product downtime will improve as our rugged memory tokens will continue to work in harsh environments and give longer more reliable use
  • You will gain a new revenue stream by selling our rugged memory tokens to your customers
  • Your field support costs will drop as our whole range of mating connectors (receptacles) have very high insertion life, reducing the need to field replace the connectors in your equipment
  • Your customer satisfaction will increase due to the ease of using our rugged memory tokens - they fit in either way up, removing much user frustration
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